Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Friday's Party

The walls are held togeth3r by electricity, the energy in the room should be harnassed and used to power the city. You have solved teh budget crisis. Celebrate the twentee years of the sounds of the charge as the floor moves to the rocky mountains when the glances are exchanged for the motion of two within two dozen locking orbits now or never. Return to the energy of theses events.

(repeat )
Where are you?
Echo Park
That's not too far
I know you and you know me
Deja vu
You should write.


Riddles McPiddles said...

Oh thank goodness. My cryptic bullshit intake was running a little low this week.

Arnold Schwarzenneger said...

Eddie, please help California solve our terrible fiscal crisis. There is a signed copy of "Jingle All the Way" in it for you!

Sick of it all said...


The Stones said...

You can't always get what you want.

Cryptic Bullshit Detector said...


Anal Blockage said...

This blog has me more blocked up than ever!

Peter Vincent said...

Sorry Charlie but I can't help you here.

Times 2 said...