Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hoof and Mouth disease

Eddie macht seine Markierung auf der Los Angeles Klub Szene! Gotische Subkultur hat es ist neues Abbild im undustrial subparstar gefunden, während er von örtlicher Bibliothek zu örtlicher Bibliothek bewegt, die einen Schriftsatz durchführt, aber laut, Satz, neue Lieder von seinem bevorstehenden Album "Gimmie ein Bruch“ draußen auf Huf aufzuregen, und Mund Krankheit zeichnet diesen April auf. Eddie hat dies gehabt zu sagen, wenn fragen nach seinem neusten Opus magnum „Was herauskommt“?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All of Our Dreams (Video Games II)

There were times when unhappiness seemed so all-encompassing that I could not for the life of me see any way through. Those days are over now that all of our dreams are easy. I have no doubt that the final cleaning will come and the pictures on the inside of my eyelids will finally be seen by others. I have no doubt that emptiness can be joy rather than misery. I have no doubt that life will continue and flourish and foster my healthy wants and needs.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yesterday and the day before

It is often difficult to prove where Eddie was and what he was doing the day before.

The lifestyle of the ubdustrial whosix has been under the media's magnifying glass for no time! Any normal person would crack from the sheer silence of it all, but Eddie continues to thrive and deliver the hits to the public that never was!

Monday, January 26, 2009



Pee Hole Burner

Undustrial Has-Been Eddie Entropy declares: "YOURE NOT ASSHARP AS YOUR USED TO BE!!!""  No one is stunned..

MY HIGH SCORE! (Video Game 1)

I want clear more attention to the question of Clear it does not exist and will not do something. Elevation of consciousness will at the other side help men to convince a legal copy to buy. I mean, certainly, we will all out Games Love, but when you the men hurts their product to steal, suddenly it becomes a personal question.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frenids R 4Ever!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's safer in here

I got the fear when I was 43 years old. I am now 34 years old. It came on very slowly one night when I came home late from an office party. I went inside my house and was attacked, everything in the house flew off the shelves and the windows broke. I think. I had counseling but it didn't make any difference. After that I never left home again. Then I was told to try hypnotherapy which I did. I decided not to. Gradually, I was able to go out but not on my own. I still have to have someone with me. The worst is going back in. I would rather just be somewhere and stay there.

Being able to go into a shop, being able to visit a family and to do things I thought I would never do again, I have to keep on going out and not fall back to how I was. When I go to the door I just say to myself nothing is going to hurt me and keep saying that to myself when I am actually outside. One night I said this and the door knob started turning and I screamed for three hours straight. My neighbor Kathy heard me and called the police. It turned out to be a big misunderstanding, the gardner "Pedro" had forgot his keys and was trying to get into the house to reclaim them. He ran when he heard me scream but came back later and explained everything.

Things get better every day seeing that I was a prisoner for six years, things can only get better as time goes on. Right?

Baby Einsteins pt 2

ALT) the Pond of Baby – the Tortoise & the Puss play in the Pond of Baby. The tortoise does a small one to splash! – The Puss huddles, covering with the eyes ("Oh"!). The tortoise does bigger to splash, splashes, splashes ("hello mother"!) …The Pus covered with the eyes again ("Oh! Oh"!). Then the Pussy leaves detached, turning and splashing as crazy with all its arms – splashes splashes splashes splashes splashes!. The tortoise obtains soaked, the laughs and joined at the hips.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eddie Entropy's new Bike pt. 2!

Hey everywan! I got new bike today, this on'es even better than the last. I plan to take thjis fucnkin bish up to Duluth this weekend and do a little ice fishin' with my bro' Jacob. He is gonna tear his face off and eat it when he gets a load of my new bike! I've never been more happy than I am now with my new bike, so please guys no rude comments!


In the future you will be critiqued at all times. Start preparing today.

It's part of the new way!

Are you ready?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

This section may contain unverified claims

An individual who did not intend to cause death may still feel guilt about a death (e.g. by involuntary manslaughter or an accident) and may attempt to prevent discovery of the body. This can exacerbate any legal consequences associated with the death.

of clandestine disposal
This section may contain original research or unverified claims.

* Burial, especially in a shallow grave due to time constraints
* Cremation, which may be incomplete if performed without proper equipment
* Leaving the body in a deserted or private place, such as a freezer or body of water
* Dissolution (see above)
* Burial in cement or concrete
* Crushing, e.g. within a junked car

The relationship heaved a dying breath. Maybe with a spleen, maybe with a groan, maybe with a slammed door. Goals went away. And now you hunt your clean esteem automatically by the small slits of your spirit, wondering "Can I go on without them"?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Yesterday I wa swalking down the street carrying nothing but a potted plant in my hands. It was a very cold day and I was concerned that my potted plant might not live through the walk. WHY WON"T EVERYONE EVERYWHERE JUST SHUT UP AND DIE!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gravel Pit (Hard Rockin' Mothers)

Guys, you just gotta check out my Southern NuMetal project GRAVELPIT! This the sort of shit that kids today call "off da hook"!!


You guys are going to love my new Hardcore Punk band called PISS FUCK! We rock like nobogy's busyiness!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Einsteins

...fumbles with the keys in his pocket, unlocks the door, it slowly creaks open. He is not aware of the figure in the darkness but it has always been there.

Do not try to escape. We have been in training for this moment since day one.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Swiss Mistress

Even though you never call and never write, I've still got a soft spot for you. Our love may be cold but the torch I carry for you still burns strong.

I remember waking up in the morning and listening to you brush your teeth. The dogs were downstairs and the bed was still warm. Now all that's left is a packet of instant hot chocolate.


Chaska I made this vibeo for you and want ther enothing more than your return to my heart !  Pleabe come back Chaska, your Satantic City Charters ware always close rto my heart!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Making a woman

It is difficult to make a girl into a woman but with time and patience it is possible. 

I knew a girl when I was 7 who lived outside. One day she became a woman and built a house. She went inside and I never saw her again. 

A blossoming blossom has blossomed and a girl is now a woman. Celebrate by staring directly into the sun! One day you too may blossom into something you aren't. 

It's No Surprise

If you treat life as a disposable commodity it's no surprise when you throw it away.


There are a copule of dogs aout there that I wouldn't mind having a couple of hands around the throate ofz!! This music vicdoe is for you fuckers, you know who you are!

Threatening and Harassing

Breaking and Entering

Friday, January 2, 2009


Hello frends! I can't be bothered to come up witha n new post right now cas i am sick. Please to be enjoying this classic post from February 22nd 1999!

yours trulii
eb edereoty

C-TecdarkerWax Trax!/TVT Records (Cat. No. TVT7252-2)1657 N. Damon Ave.Chicago, IL

Certainly one goes into listening to any new project with Jean-Luc (Front 242) DeMeyer with certain expectations. Where I would have simply listened to and immediately forgotten darker had it been by anyone else, I could not do so with DeMeyer involved. I kept trying to like it, but after numerous attempts I am afraid I cannot.

C-Tec is DeMeyer teaming up with Cubanate's Marc Heal and Ged Denton. I have heard some of Cubanate and, though it wasn't my favorite, I thought it was some of the better of the new generation EBM. As for 242 and DeMeyer, I have long enjoyed their efforts. Sure the last few albums have not been as good as the earlier ones, they still have enough excellent work under their belts for me to qualify both 242 and DeMeyer masters of the genre. So what goes wrong on this album? Why does C-Tec fail?

Their failure can be associated to one single flaw. The structure is not complex enough. Most of the tracks revolve around one single loop of which is built on throughout the track. The basic structure never changes it only mutates. This is the same structure that the lesser techno bands employ and it is one of the major reasons that I have never taken a fancy to techno in general. Also, like techno, the music itself is based around beats primarily and most of the songs have no major keyboard part. The keyboard sounds are generally limited to the sort of bleeps and blurps standard to techno. The tracks that appealed to me most on the album ("the lost" and "stateless") are the two exceptions to this rule. However they, more than some of the other tracks, fall victim to the single loop syndrome that I mention earlier. The other two tracks I actually enjoyed off of this album were "random" (the opening track) and "silent voices". "Random" works because the beats are frantic and change regularly and because DeMeyer's chorus vocals actually work as a chorus where in much of the rest of the album it appears he's singing along to something that isn't there. "Silent Voices" I liked because it took the opposite route. It gives minimalism and no real chorus and despite the lyrics are not that strong the piece is rather haunting on a whole.

The lyrics on the album range from fine to decent. Nothing great, but nothing terrible either. But that is nothing new for DeMeyer, I have always liked his voice better than his vocals. On prime 242 the lyrics worked because they were oblique and more a part of the song than the whole of the song. As the lyrics became more obvious in their meaning they became less interesting. I suppose it is the constant, almost chirpy optimism and spiritual nature of the lyrics that I don't care for. His voice on this album is quite nice though. I only wish that he had sung along with the songs more often.

The rest of the album is pretty forgettable. Sure, "flowing" is nice enough for the dance floor, but it isn't so interesting for home listening. "Epitaph" uses a poem by the same name by Dorothy Parker for the lyrics. They seem out of place amongst the music and Jean-Luc seems a tad unsure in their use. "Shift IV" uses a combination of heavy guitar and drum and bass that makes the track sound like a weak outtake from a Hellsau session with DeMeyer's voice.

In looking over the review and listening to the album again, part of me wonders if I have been too harsh simply because I had such high expectations from DeMeyer. In the hope that I have been too harsh I do not plan to sell it yet, though I suspect it will sit in my small pile of CDs for a while before I pick it up again. Perhaps if you are a bigger fan of techno structure you will enjoy the album more than I.

To you and yours...

The New Year is here my friends and with it comes the best and worst mankind has to offer. Are you ready?

As 1980 breathed it's dying breath, families huddled together and warmed themselves by their TV's while party people around the globe rang in '81 by shooting stars out of the sky and singing along to Megabucks recording artist Kathy Perry's smash hit "Fuck House". At midnight many people were ill and the leper's came out of their caves to scream at god.

Let's hope this year will bring your's everything yours need to continue.

your's turly
the entire staff at

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz
All your greatest accomplishments that what it looks to me:
Peach Fuzz
No one let's a little peach fuzz keep them from getting to the heart and the meat of the peach.