Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Connect the Goddamn Dots


Friday, February 17, 2012

Sometimes Not Sad

I know this has been a hard week with death of Wiggly Hootins and all but while looking for another touching memorial video (DEV2.0s tibute to Wiggly called "Wiggly World") I found this GREAT video by Devo in their prime that really inspires me into Happy Moods!  Hope it does the same 4 u!  =)

THEN 1 THING LED 2 ANUTHA and I found other great VIBEO of Devo in PRIME, please be enjoy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lusers are Osers.

Fuck, this is me right now after i have been smoking a drug! Lol. But this is not laughing matter, drugs are a dangerous disease and they are in America. Some people are saying they are directly responsible for killing Ed's belobed Whiddey Twostones so Ed will have nothing to do with drugs ever again! If you are smoking or injecting a drug you are dead to me and one day you will be dead too just like Rigby Houtron. Think about it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Tears For Whiggy :*-(

I have never been so sad in my life as when I learned musical legend Whiggy Hibbens died the just the other day.  She was far too young at only 112 to be taken from this music loving earth.  Hopefully this vibeo I have made of me lipsynching to Ashley Tisdale's wonderful version of Whiggy's most favored clubland hit will help ease some of the pain the world is feeling.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whibly Houton: A Musical Tibute!!

Do to my sorrow sadness regarding death of Whibly Huston, I have made a cover tribute version of her famous song to Kevin Bacon's Hollywood smash hit movie sensation "The Hollow Manguard". Please enjoy this treat!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

RIP Whitey Housten! (1863-2012)

In terrible news of today the death of singer Whitey Housten has shocked America!  "She is my favorite" said Todd Normendale of Charlotte, NC. Her death by the injection of draino into her eyeball was especially gruesome for her ex-husband "Bad Boy" Bobby Womack who found her dead hanging from an Elk's head at the downtown Super 8 in Sauk Center, MN.  On a personal note, your Eddie was a huge fan and loves all of her songs so much, especially that theme song to "Titanic".

Sunday, February 12, 2012

look into me 0_o

a gift ungiven is no sort of gift, I do not under any degree approve of you or any of what you do.  you are dead to me.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

That Sexy Stare!

A beautiful girl with a pair of bright eyes, selecting hair style and dressing up her will be an enjoyable job. Contribute your talents here!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Please Help!

This worst words imaginable could happen if you were to wake up:  My Blog Is Deleted. Blogger Team, Please Help Me!!!  It takes time and money to run a blog.  THIS IS NOT EASY! For sure, I try to  drive traffic from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, but still – this is not enuff on its own!  It seems strange that you'd pay enough money to a store like SHOPKO, but now you would never offer me ONE MILLION DOLLARS back when you had to break the gag order over it.  If you did nothing wrong, pay out THAT MUCH MONEY for nothing!  {>:PLEASE!!!

send your money care of this blog in the form of scrotum smelling cash or cashiers' checks made out to Lois Entropy.  Every million dollars counts, do your part today...



Healthy Recriminations

Harm hearted, I give into impulse again and again.  This sort of life would be great if there weren't any repercussions.  Sometimes I get scared about what happens when it comes reeping time.  My own heavy heart has earned me a terrible burden in this life and the three that follow. Even now, my flesh revolts against me and sticks me with pain.  Give into me.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Face Deportation (1)

Breast Gardens

Here is real sexy for people in the GROW!  Sex breast gardens make real growth for the national!  No growing pains here, it's all good to GROW!  Beast girl growing gardens from the nipples of her trees, this English landslide GROW over time into a someting that is beautiful and really meaningfull so you should give yourself time with this lovely blog, like the lady in question, it is bound to GROW on you!  Breast real estate in town, the economy here for horny party love is ever growing!  Don't give up hope that you too can have everything you need, growing pains need not cause dig in dirt pain blood hammer oven.  This is all there is to say.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Never Too Late (Eddie's Heartbreaking Story of Sorrow and Triumph)

Many people enjoy wearing pink -shirts and blue jeans - it is hip!  WELL EDDIE WANTS TO BE HIP TOO (as readers of this blog are no doubt aware of).  There's no fear in Mr. Entropy but when he wears purple shirt with pink sleeve highlights you had better believe that he does so with the certainty that this is the official Bobby Trendy way to be. You might think that Eddie is too old to go back to High School, THIS IS A LIE.  High School is a way better experience to an octogenerian than it is to a teen/tween and with his hot fashion sense ready and willing Eddie was sure that his triumphant return to High School would dizzle dazzle his fellow student (hot) bodies.  With his perfect shirt, hotly fitted jeans and raver coral tie necklace Eddie was ready to make the scene.  When Karl, Laura and Lora saw Eddie approach, they tried to turn around and walk away but Eddie's old legs are too strong to let that happen so Eddie ran after.  "Hey cool kids, whassup?" Eddie exclaimed.  "I heard on Myspace (a/k/a the International Cool Place for International Cool People) that you guys were coming to school today, how cool is that cool people?" Eddie said in his sassiest tone.  Karl smirked, Laura rolled her eyes, Lora pretended to look the other way.  Then the trio hurriedly moved away from our Eddie.  Eddie started to cry when he heard Laura say at a distance, "What is up with that guy, can you believe his purple t-shirt.  OMG!" which was followed by a gaggle of giggling.  Mr. Whistler walked by and wondered what was up.  "Nothing is up." Eddie said, dejected by his spurning "I think everything is down.  As in, down in the dumps."  "Well Eddie, the reason that those kids are being mean to you is because you aren't very cool.  I wasn't cool either, yet look at me now!"  Mr. Whistler leaned in closer and put his hand on Eddie's knee.  A tingle ran up through Eddie's thigh straight into his heart.  "Oh Mr. Whistler." he said.

Shopko... The Store for You!

I remember SHOPKO in Grand Forks, MI.  I never sexed in the bathroom there.  I wish I had.  It would have been amazing to have sexed so close to value pharmacy goods.  I bet if I had sexed at SHOPKO I would have a memory worth living for instead of nothing.  It's not that I'm sad... actually, I am miserable.  Can SHOPKO take the pain away?  Even if I was still able to sex with my ancient dick I don't think any girl would want to sex me anymore, least of all in SHOPKO.  I hate myself.

Erbert & Gerberts' Unequaled Quality Submarine Sandwiches

I remember once sexing a girl in the bathroom stall of Erbert& Gerberts in Eau Claire, WI circa 1988.  The scent of freshly baked Erbert & Gerberts submarine sandwich bread was a sexy aphrodisiac for the SEXperience.  Even better, after the sexing we sat down and ate a delicious sandwich.  That was many years ago and my sexcapades are now buried in the past with Ronald Reagan and Quisp but sometimes the thought of those crazy days helps me to deal with the abject misery of today.

State of the Art: Selection and Service as Circuit City

I remember once making sex with a girl in the bathroom stall of the Circuit City in Butte, Montana circa 1988.  What made the experience so sexy was that just outside our carnal stall there was a warehouse-sized room of television and electronics!  Jesus, I am older now and probably couldn't get it up even if I were put in such a situation but the good thoughts keep me warm through cold winter nights.