Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's revelers ready for better times in 2010



selfish life destroying mood swings shallow careless witch latches on? No sense of self "please define me". Extract flame near the sucking mouth.

Attempts useless in the name of all that is hope? Freedom. How will I ever get away from you?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Starts!

In the business world is is impotent to haf new stats all the time! For Eddie is new starting with the rich visual basic C++ prgramming that he developed in West Louise! This new power tie dream job is rich with the filling of butter and cash advance and Eddie is ready to bring great joy to the team with his power skills and wacking off the wall sense of humor! So cross your fingers for our Eddie as he pushes himself deeper than ever before into the great haze of new workings!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Waking Up In Vegas LOL! 8-)~

It's an Eddie Vegas morning! LOL! Lots of funnin story!!

Don't forget it in the bathroom it's whole nww tomorrow!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Cute Christ Mass for the Rosy Crosshairs

Here is hoping for a Cute Christ Mass for the Blog Reading Pubic!
I've got you in my Rosy Crosshairs and I'm not letting you go without and gentle squeeze (of the trigger)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

She's got a Claus

Alone for the holidays? Facing the void up the chimney who cares? You've gotta reason to live, baby. You just haven't got a clue what it is.

Merry Fishmas!

The Illuminati Wishes You A Merry Christ-Mass

I wish I myself was dead this Christ Mass as, 
under the rose, the cross bearers have come for 
my eyes and they seek to pluck the music out of 
your Eddie. It is in sadness that I hold to the 
believe that there can be anything good for this 

Dead Zone

You can only put off the date so long!

Once the fuse is lit you only have a few seconds to evacuate yourself from this world. Spare those around you the pain and suffering. Remove yourself from existence. It's the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Out of body experience #14

Darkness. A man handling a breast in the pitch black parrot cry, what's this? "Who could be behind such things" asks the perpatrator as he breaks down the front door. Soon the entire house is lit up with eyes recording, playback shows someone that is not me pretending to be me! This is fake. Caressing shape in the door thrusts lies back eyes widen with only the best intentions. "Merry Christmas!"

Page 8

Scene 7: Woman and Man run into an alley and discover it's a dead end. The killer enters.

Man:  There's no way out!

Woman: We're trapped! We're going to be killed!

Killer: Amazing, the woman is clairvoyant.

Woman: Please, make my death painless!

Killer: *Deathblow*

The Killed: Oh no! Our everything pours out from our devastated bodies. Please tell our friends and family that we love them.

Jingle Rock!

Ed's charity concert for Christmas kids went off without a hitch last night! Ed turned in a fuckin' flawless performance that would've made your goddam head spin off and catch on fire! Children and grandparents got out of their seats and started dancing and smashing shit up. A snow plow came crashing through the wall and exploded. Eddie even threw out candy canes and hot pockets to everyone who made it out. It may have been the best fucking concert EVER.


Don't get any ideas, my friend. You're in this up to your neck. ...

And then - the ture meaning of Christmas came through, with the final breath as the face turns blue.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The 700 Club!

Eddie has joined the 700 Club today with his most very awesome 700th posting to this blog~!   Jesus God almighty is one and the same with the visage of Edward Entropic and Pat Robinson now that the moment of our ascent is clear!  You are your own avatar of God and this is the ture moment!

Pat Robinstern nose the turth about his producer Eddie!!

Famous gay man spends 90 years in 
heaven! Don't 
believe me, check out this vibeo!!!

700 boners are the answer to

MILEY is a ture believer, but her devotion to EDDIE causes her to break earlier vows. Don't worry kids, God says it's OK! =)

ONLY Eddie is answer to GOD questions and you christians understand this!Don't let the dick hit you on the way down from your nose to your belly button!This one is JUST FOR YOU Frenids! Thank you so much for my 700 posts thatwere the best ever on my blog until the next 700 posts! HaHa!

And who says that you cannot be a SEXY 
700 Club MEMBER and not still have the 
of a real Rock Group favorite! It's the Bee's 
Knees to feel the devastating STING of GOD!!  
Jumping JESUS this SHIT IS HAT!!!!

for you have given your blog for us!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ed's Sex Change!

Inspried by Genius G Porridge, your Eddie has decided to do the sex chaining too!  Please enjoy results of sexy new Eddie~!  ;)  xoxox

Monday, December 14, 2009

Excess Ed

Your's Eddie is this sleazon's hottest excessory! At a night club, at a coke party, stabbing bums down by the dock, Eddie is all the rag right now with the kids! Bringing you the hat shit to make the holiday burn bright! Dry up your tears and fears and get down in the mud with teh troo Xmas miracle.

Everyone Loves Eddie!

Everybody is must to bow down for Eddie is now the Rage!  Everybody Loves Eddie as he drives his enormous head down the highways of the interstate roads and here we are ready to take claim for his new hopes and dreams and all can come together and claim hurray!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

My fake face is worn out around the edges from misuse and abuse.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The game of life

I heard this horrible sound of slathering.  I saw it and panicked, seized of her and tried the movement balancing that I do not think, that I did to, if not to do right.  As I said that I panicked and she continued the falling of the saliva and the chestnut came from her nose.  It was terrible.  I put her head descending and shook it a little, pushed towards the top to his stomach.  I all tried.  What is, is real with terror when events spiritual in and out of control the blocked breathing passage foaming mouth 4254 eagle rock will not see you because you did not call in advance! Next time, make an appointment for your emergency.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hot Sexy Gothic Angel Girl (a poem)

Oh Darkness, you are a girl - a hot sexy gothic angel girl!  Come unto me oh night and carry me on your back over Chaska and away from my troubles and my countless yearning pains!  Take this pain away, take my pain away!  Let it be known that no man alive shalt ever love thee more than your Eddie!  His heart is a servant to the night and forever a servant to thee!

Monday, December 7, 2009

evil gothic girl (a nother poem)

Is she angel or Vampire?  Her dress conceals secrets and dreams.   Forever more, I pray to her that she might lift her veil and allow her Eddie to kiss her waiting lips.  Behind the lips will there be tongue or fangs?  Bliss or death?  Is there a difference, in the dark embrace that she holdeth I am unsure.  Bring it all unto your Eddie, gothic girl, and let his undying love be tested true!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Death Angel

Come to me my Death Angel with your blackened wings and your deadly scythe and take from me this last sorrow and bitter pain!  Yours is the Eddie lost forever in the turmoiled currents and yours is the Eddie who pain has sought at every turn.  To me, my death bringing beauty!  To me, my angel of wanton despair!  To me, my alabaster skinned, dark-garbed cherubim!  Hear the cries of your Eddie and send Him to bed forever more!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


life is good when you are sooo busy keeping it sexy….that you dont have time for blogging! lol xoxo

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Present for Myself

Ha ha, you guys may not realize just how cool that I am!  Yes, Eddie's gone and done it, LOL, he's gotten himself a tattoo and it's so frickin' rad that you guys are going to $#!+ yourselves in envy!  It takes a really special person to actually go out and get a tattoo and so many people talk about it but they never seem to have the courage or the b@lls to actually do it!  Not Eddie.  Eddie has no fear, Eddie doesn't worry about much of anything, that's just how cool that he is!  You may think to yourself that Eddie Entropy is a little bit of jerk sometimes but that's only because you don't understand how cool he is.  Eddie is cool.  Eddie is very very very cool.  Eddie has the tattoo to prove it!

Eat it suckers!!

The Sexiest Sex (Christ mass Edition Number Uno)

Damn, views only this cyber girl of hot in 3D view on. These two hornigen girls are sexy, and very in one another. After meet at a cyber café, had it a little joke in the saloon car back to the house, cools that kisses its necks, and giving itself everyone over, becomes horniger as ever. The blond slut lands pulling of its shirt down and helping of its brunette friend decreases its shirt after kissing of its neck. The tits of the brunette are exposed damned, and, are it so perfect. Your nipples are so perfect and its breasts are around and large like melon. These cyber girls begin to pinch its sips, and so hornig becomes and ready to fuck itself.