Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't Delay: Marry a Blog Today

I have no doubt that blogging reality has been changing and inside these changes we can begin to track an evolution of new life forms.  Some life forms have been growing for a while and are now getting closer and closer to emerging into deeper popular consciousness.  If I were to make a guess about the next 5 (five) years bring I would predict an absolute change in the very nature of human blogging interactions.  Soon you will be able to wake up next to your favorite blog.  The blogs you follow will start to follow you.  Around the corner.  To the grocery store.  Into the shower.  This level of interactivity will offer a lot of exciting new possibilities but will also engender a certain degree of human to blog distrust.  If we are not careful this expanding level of distrust could first erode and then eventually destroy our very important relationship.  For this reason and more it is imperative that we make our blogging decisions now rather than wait until the decisions are made for us.


Jerky McSpurt said...

I jerk off to anthromorphic porn comics all the time and this blog sure ain't what it used to be. :*-(

haripin said...

I've been browsing this site for a fair bit now. Sometimes I come across comments concerning Blog Marriage that are just a huge slap in the face. I've overheard the occasional slanderous comment about how seedy it is when I'm out and about. I 'm married to a blog, and I really like it. As far as I'm concerned it's just as average as any other sort of marriage. Completely average! Anyone who has spent at least 20 minutes being married to a blog could plainly see that. What's up with the Blog Marriage jokes?