Monday, March 19, 2012

New Ideals

They hurt my face. They cut at my eyes.  They laced my food with poison.  They took me to the shed and beat me.  They allowed me water only every two days.  They told me lies about my friends.  They cut off a finger. They left me naked during cold nights. They put me in the sun on hot days. They removed my tongue. Then when they were through with me, they left me for dead.


3 Justin 3 said...

The absolute worse thing for me are the fake lips (injections). It seems almost everyone is doing that now and they don't look good at all. I really don't get what the appeal is. They look terrible and totally ruins a person.

Can't stand it.

1_w_nocy_ja_nie_spie said...

Nowadays there are a lot of fake. There are ideals, which people admire and like. When someone is another they often didn't accepted it. Days when people want to be fresh and young all life, but this is impossible. Appearance is on the highest rung. What about a wisdom?
- They give you a flower which smells like a shit.