Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Death March

There is a time for dancing as the Death March comes to a close. Parties are a natural way to relieve the sort of tension that goes with living inside a space of dread. Saint Patrick is a real and malevolant force and his thirst for blood knows no barriers. Your own days are numbered, but Saint Patrick wants that number to be in the single digit if you're a frenid to the snake. Dancing daze away as the month-long curse from the Isle of Doom comes to it's annual close. Tune in again next year for more pain and decay.


rskm1 said...

Actually, you're already dead, we're Satan's minions, and our primary job is to torture your immortal soul for the rest of eternity.

Snakey Jake's Handler said...

I've feared for my life every day of this month!

grmpysmrf said...

That grill is hatZ!!