Monday, November 30, 2009

Toke Your Troubles Away!

I want the hot pot
I want the top pot
I want the best pot that I can buy

I want to get stoned
I want to stay stoned
I want to stay stoned 'til I die!

Yo yo yo!  'dis Eddie sayin' fuck you to the Mondaze and saying FUCK YEAH to the WAKE AND BAKE!  Shits, hope all y'all in da house dig on the crazee lyrics I write above here!  Dis da dank stank that keep it skankin' yo!  Fo shizzle!!


Robert Matthew Van Winkle said...

Your rhymes are a crime that should serve you jail time!!!

J.R.R. Toker said...

Don't bogart that kind bud Bilbo!