Friday, July 23, 2010

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

There doesn't seem to be much breathing room here. In fact, the walls seem to be getting closer and closer. I just measured the distance between myself and them, it's shrinking. This space is affectionate, but it borders on dangerous. Maybe if I just step outside for a few minutes. Well, the door seems to be locked and the walls are getting even closer now. That's ok, I don't think there was an outside anyways.

In the great north, being crushed to death is considered a rite of passage! The Earth is smothered in wildflowers and my waffles are smothered in whip cream.


Midnight Caller said...

Ohhhh baby, you know it feels good to feel so bad. This is the kinda shit I live for!

Jackolantyrn356 said...

I noticed many blame the Right wing when the LEFT has always been responsible. With theLeft it is always about Power. Listen and discern carefully. You may get a shock.

Can I get a refund? said...

For a comedy hour this isn't very funny.