Monday, August 23, 2010

We be flubbin it: Pants dance revolution (pt 17)

Che Guevara became a hero to teenagers everywhere after Kurt Coblaine died in a car accident. With his rebellions he inspired the lower middle class to skip class and make their voices herd! Some tooke are taking out the pent up frustrations on dance floors across the nation. Covered in alcohol and body fluids, the youth of 1994 grind each other into a fine white powder to a 4 x 4 beat at your local discotechques. You know your's is going to be there, always and forever.


Internet Troll said...

Your blog is of a low quality!

Aging Hipster said...

I used to wear my Che shirt to all the grunge rock shows in the 90's. I was waaaay ahead of my time! One time someone from Soundgarden spilled a beer on my shirt! Fuck yeah.

blind old jerry said...

I hate the color of my eyes.