Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guess whose back??

Yeah, so let's get it out of the way, I've gone missing from the land of the bloggins for a little while OK.  So the suck what.  Who cares?!  I get really tired of all you people always asking me about stupid bull's crap like "What are your favorite kitchen tips"?  Or ""HOW LONG D O I BOIL PASTA FOR"? or "What is the best way to poach eggs"?  I mean, come on people I may be a hero to so mangy but I don't have all the freakin' asnwers!

This time the blogs not going to be about you, it's going to be about me and what I want and amybe you don't get it but what I want isn't going to be to spend all my time talking about cooking techniques.  Amybe I boil boil pasta ten minutes for traditional spaghetti and amybe a little less time if it is rice noodles.  Amybe I don't like to poach eggs and amybe I love cutting away from the stemm for a green bell pepper so that once I've cut eigh slices the inside comes out easy and without all the fuss.  Amybe that's what I like and I'm about and whose going to make anything of it?



Chef Boyardee said...

This blog tastes terrible no matter how you season it.

hamburger helper said...

Even I can't do anything for this blog.

We're Back: A Dinosaur Story said...

This may be the worst news the internet has ever faced and that is saying something!