Sunday, November 20, 2011

No precious posts

The first rule I teach students in my blogging seminars (held every spring on Monster Island) is NO PRECIOUS POSTS. Nothing is more dangerous than over thinking a blog entry.  It's best to just get as much material on the internet as quickly as possible before it fills up. More posts equals a better business model and Eddie fucks a lot of models. This is not a quality control issue. This is not an issue.  There are no terrible posts in the hands of a confident blogger. Every post is like a stamp that god puts on an envelope and mails to all the true believers. Do you truly think so? 


Concerned House Partys said...

This is a terrible post and I really wish you would reconsider it. I don't think putting things like this on the internet is helping anybody.

Postmaster General said...

This post is proof that you mean what you say.

Johnny Depp as Crybaby said...

I hate this post and it makes me want to cry.