Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Planner

Hi Friedns! Ever wonder what Eddie Entropy is up to on an average afternoon? Here's my schedule for today. It's a doozy! ^_^

12pm: Wake up.

1pm: Go back to bed

2pm: Sleep all day. Or maybe get up, I don't like to peg myself down when it comes to decisions like this.

3pm: Wander aimlessly in a daze around downtown.

3:45-5pm: Fall asleep by skid row

6pm: Chase rats

7pm: Find a guy sleeping at a bus stop and set him on fired.

7:30pm: Restrain a visible yawn.

8pm: Go to Denny's

8:15pm: Fuck Denny's, GOING HOME.

9pm: Watch "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II:Secret of the Ooze" while eating un-thawed fish sticks. I don't have a microwave to cook anything in though, so that's about as good as it gets for me. :*(

10:30pm: Get drunk.

11pm: Watch Glenn Beck

12am: Go outside and dance in the street for about 20 minutes

12:20am: Go to Denny's and tell them how I really feel about them.

1am: Buy 6 bags of Skrank behind Denny's

1:30am: Steal a dude's socks

2am: Kill a man o_0

3am: Catch a coyote and ride him back to my place.

4:30am-until whenever: Watch Informercials till dawn! This is the fuckin' life YO.


Great said...

That's nice.

DevonShane said...

--on behalf of Special Ed.--

Eddie's not even open to change with sobriety so dreaming about Denny's is a sure deal! Don't ask about Eddie's children, there's only so much time for drive-in happy meal.

Snooze fest 2010 said...

Your day sounds about as exciting as a bowl full of miracle whip!

Not impressed said...


My life is better than yours said...

Your day does not sound exciting at all! Not compared to mine.