Friday, January 1, 2010

It's 2010 freinds! (a special message to readers from our founder Edward Entropy)

It's 2010!!

Hurray for news year and decade!  Here are the first day of 2010 and your Eddie is in the middle of it!  No suprise as the skidmark of history ends up in Eddies underwhere!!  LOL!  I am sure cokain and methodramalama has set Ed up for another grate deicide!  Decages like this only come once a century so here's to more champain and a deliveyr of free disposle unit to mom and dad and the basement is a little dirty. hop your holidays safe ad good!!!!  

-eD 010110


Founding Fathers said...

Son, it's time I told you something very important. You were a mistake.

Crackers and Cheese said...

Eddie! Lets lay down some hot trax for 2010 this weekend!!!