Sunday, December 20, 2009

Page 8

Scene 7: Woman and Man run into an alley and discover it's a dead end. The killer enters.

Man:  There's no way out!

Woman: We're trapped! We're going to be killed!

Killer: Amazing, the woman is clairvoyant.

Woman: Please, make my death painless!

Killer: *Deathblow*

The Killed: Oh no! Our everything pours out from our devastated bodies. Please tell our friends and family that we love them.


Party Pooper said...

Thanks for ruining the ending you asshole!

Oprah's Book Club said...

Did you see this one coming? FUCK YOU.

Big Time Hollywood Exec said...

I'm a Hollywood bigwig and I would love to make your idea into a big budget movie like Avatar! Please have your people get in touch with my people and let's make it happen buddy!