Thursday, December 10, 2009

The game of life

I heard this horrible sound of slathering.  I saw it and panicked, seized of her and tried the movement balancing that I do not think, that I did to, if not to do right.  As I said that I panicked and she continued the falling of the saliva and the chestnut came from her nose.  It was terrible.  I put her head descending and shook it a little, pushed towards the top to his stomach.  I all tried.  What is, is real with terror when events spiritual in and out of control the blocked breathing passage foaming mouth 4254 eagle rock will not see you because you did not call in advance! Next time, make an appointment for your emergency.


sadman75 said...

I gave up on that game a long time ago.

The Parker Bros. said...


A Squirrel said...

Please save that chestnut for me, I'm storing up for winter!