Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Present for Myself

Ha ha, you guys may not realize just how cool that I am!  Yes, Eddie's gone and done it, LOL, he's gotten himself a tattoo and it's so frickin' rad that you guys are going to $#!+ yourselves in envy!  It takes a really special person to actually go out and get a tattoo and so many people talk about it but they never seem to have the courage or the b@lls to actually do it!  Not Eddie.  Eddie has no fear, Eddie doesn't worry about much of anything, that's just how cool that he is!  You may think to yourself that Eddie Entropy is a little bit of jerk sometimes but that's only because you don't understand how cool he is.  Eddie is cool.  Eddie is very very very cool.  Eddie has the tattoo to prove it!

Eat it suckers!!

1 comment:

Lois Entropy said...

Eddie, please don't let your father see that tattoo! Were trying to watch his blood pressure.