Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Never Too Late (Eddie's Heartbreaking Story of Sorrow and Triumph)

Many people enjoy wearing pink -shirts and blue jeans - it is hip!  WELL EDDIE WANTS TO BE HIP TOO (as readers of this blog are no doubt aware of).  There's no fear in Mr. Entropy but when he wears purple shirt with pink sleeve highlights you had better believe that he does so with the certainty that this is the official Bobby Trendy way to be. You might think that Eddie is too old to go back to High School, THIS IS A LIE.  High School is a way better experience to an octogenerian than it is to a teen/tween and with his hot fashion sense ready and willing Eddie was sure that his triumphant return to High School would dizzle dazzle his fellow student (hot) bodies.  With his perfect shirt, hotly fitted jeans and raver coral tie necklace Eddie was ready to make the scene.  When Karl, Laura and Lora saw Eddie approach, they tried to turn around and walk away but Eddie's old legs are too strong to let that happen so Eddie ran after.  "Hey cool kids, whassup?" Eddie exclaimed.  "I heard on Myspace (a/k/a the International Cool Place for International Cool People) that you guys were coming to school today, how cool is that cool people?" Eddie said in his sassiest tone.  Karl smirked, Laura rolled her eyes, Lora pretended to look the other way.  Then the trio hurriedly moved away from our Eddie.  Eddie started to cry when he heard Laura say at a distance, "What is up with that guy, can you believe his purple t-shirt.  OMG!" which was followed by a gaggle of giggling.  Mr. Whistler walked by and wondered what was up.  "Nothing is up." Eddie said, dejected by his spurning "I think everything is down.  As in, down in the dumps."  "Well Eddie, the reason that those kids are being mean to you is because you aren't very cool.  I wasn't cool either, yet look at me now!"  Mr. Whistler leaned in closer and put his hand on Eddie's knee.  A tingle ran up through Eddie's thigh straight into his heart.  "Oh Mr. Whistler." he said.


Mark Berndt said...

I would like to tie you up after school and put giant cockroaches all over your face!

Tom Wollenberg said...

Poop out my ass all over your shit!