Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Erbert & Gerberts' Unequaled Quality Submarine Sandwiches

I remember once sexing a girl in the bathroom stall of Erbert& Gerberts in Eau Claire, WI circa 1988.  The scent of freshly baked Erbert & Gerberts submarine sandwich bread was a sexy aphrodisiac for the SEXperience.  Even better, after the sexing we sat down and ate a delicious sandwich.  That was many years ago and my sexcapades are now buried in the past with Ronald Reagan and Quisp but sometimes the thought of those crazy days helps me to deal with the abject misery of today.


Jacob Blue Finger said...

This post fails to meet the high quality standards which Erbert & Gerberts strives for. Please remove it from the internet!

Roger Erbert said...

Thumbs way down on this far fetched fantasy, you fatso!