Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shopko... The Store for You!

I remember SHOPKO in Grand Forks, MI.  I never sexed in the bathroom there.  I wish I had.  It would have been amazing to have sexed so close to value pharmacy goods.  I bet if I had sexed at SHOPKO I would have a memory worth living for instead of nothing.  It's not that I'm sad... actually, I am miserable.  Can SHOPKO take the pain away?  Even if I was still able to sex with my ancient dick I don't think any girl would want to sex me anymore, least of all in SHOPKO.  I hate myself.


A Real Man said...

I would love the opportunity to kick sand in your face and steal your girl!

Violet said...

Don't post things that present yourself as a total loser, pussy, idiot. This is not your journal.

Tom Wollenberg said...

And I just got Joel Rolled at Ax-Man. DAMN