Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gravel Pit (Hard Rockin' Mothers)

Guys, you just gotta check out my Southern NuMetal project GRAVELPIT! This the sort of shit that kids today call "off da hook"!!

5 comments: said...

I can't wait to hear you guys rock out live with tracks like "Be kind to your web footed friends" and "Louie Louie"

XIV said...

chatter 3am
XIV> if you like having equilbrium don't watch this
XIV> i didn't know this was online, i'm standing right off-camera to the left
XIV> and at the very end i think
Henry> Eddie Entropy - was that performance art - or recreational chemical use?
Henry> or both
Henry> ?
XIV> you decide!
XIV> that was his only show
XIV> w/just himself
Henry> I could not possibly
Henry> did you enjoy it 4 teen?
XIV> whatever you pick you're mostly right
!! MrsBot's journal has been updated.
XIV> twas mindblowing yes
XIV> alcohol may or may not have played part in the enjoyment

Rubbish disposal said...

It's time to put these hard rockin' mothers back in the gravel pit where they belong.

Hard Rocker said...


Constipated Clyde said...

I've crapped out harder rocks than this!