Sunday, January 4, 2009

Swiss Mistress

Even though you never call and never write, I've still got a soft spot for you. Our love may be cold but the torch I carry for you still burns strong.

I remember waking up in the morning and listening to you brush your teeth. The dogs were downstairs and the bed was still warm. Now all that's left is a packet of instant hot chocolate.


Glenn too close for comfort said...

Bunny, it's whats for dinner.

fearless in fridley said...

You don't scare me!

icepick_messiah said...

I told you.

"I only want you when you touch yourself."

Mother of three said...

I am a mother of three and my husband would just love to have a Swiss Mistress on the side this holiday season. Does anyone know where you can go to get one?

Rachael Kozak said...

I'm the Swiss Mistress, I will slay this pretender with the power of my dark Breakcore Music!