Saturday, January 10, 2009

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An individual who did not intend to cause death may still feel guilt about a death (e.g. by involuntary manslaughter or an accident) and may attempt to prevent discovery of the body. This can exacerbate any legal consequences associated with the death.

of clandestine disposal
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* Burial, especially in a shallow grave due to time constraints
* Cremation, which may be incomplete if performed without proper equipment
* Leaving the body in a deserted or private place, such as a freezer or body of water
* Dissolution (see above)
* Burial in cement or concrete
* Crushing, e.g. within a junked car

The relationship heaved a dying breath. Maybe with a spleen, maybe with a groan, maybe with a slammed door. Goals went away. And now you hunt your clean esteem automatically by the small slits of your spirit, wondering "Can I go on without them"?


A putrified corpse said...

Reading this blog is a bit like dying.

Considering my options said...

Gee, death doesn't sound like such a bad alternative to reading this blog.

Mob Blob said...

Thank you for the advice on body disposal sir. After much consideration I have decided to go with "Crushing, e.g. within a junked car". said...

Your entry is stuppod! I don't think there needs to be dispolas for bodies if you didn't don anything more than just take the rihym out of their body

The other party said...

I'm still convinced this relationship can be saved!

The hands of a ditch digger said...

I'm waiting for you to hurry up and die Ed.