Friday, January 2, 2009

To you and yours...

The New Year is here my friends and with it comes the best and worst mankind has to offer. Are you ready?

As 1980 breathed it's dying breath, families huddled together and warmed themselves by their TV's while party people around the globe rang in '81 by shooting stars out of the sky and singing along to Megabucks recording artist Kathy Perry's smash hit "Fuck House". At midnight many people were ill and the leper's came out of their caves to scream at god.

Let's hope this year will bring your's everything yours need to continue.

your's turly
the entire staff at


2009 said...

You are a seriously confused asshole.

Dark Start said...

000 00000


Servant Girl Annihilator said...

I crushed a skull and I liked it!

radicool said...

Suck dick '08, 2009 is here to stay!!!

Snobby McScene said...

Decapitation is so 2008.