Saturday, October 31, 2009

eddie's out

and my ladand thday and it is not like I haven't be
rt I see you goihng to other websites, reading oth ther blogs and it is time for me to tell you that this has got t ostop.  YOUR EDDIE is the only blog that you will ever neeed!  Any news or views or opinioins or sexual content that you could ever want is always offered here on and I cannot imagine why anyone would ever choose to visit any other site on the web.  I can b a giving guy and I can open up my ears to a whole lots of other views buithis is not coool and it has to stop. OK baby?   It'snot lve not been there for you when you needed me its just that I have ownershop of your every waking moment and I am so sad when you try to resist the inveitable.  It hurts me because I love you does that make sense to you?  It hurts me because I  feel so much does that make sense?  It hurts me because In my abolute control I am also vulnerable.  Does that make sense to you ????  Does any of this make sense to anyone at all or are you all so ignorant and stuff that you cant even imagine what it must be like for your poor Eddie waiting for you to write the words, to speak the words, to live the sort of life to give me life.  I'm like a dipshit Pinnochio and I'm waiting for your time at the cobbler's bench to turn me into a real boy but something tells me that that time is never going to come.  I live Shakopee and that is a lie,.  I don't live in Shakopee I don't even live at all.  Why don't you just open your eyes to your errant son and gtive him some space to move around in?????  Why do the city counciltry to keep me caged in ????   I can see the sort of plans that they have for me and it is so not cool. There are days when I read your comic book and get ideas about how I'm supposed to behave.  There are times in which I read your comics and get ideas about how I am supposed to behave.  Ther eare times taht I read your comic books aqnd get ideas about how I am suppposed to behave.  There are times in which I read your comic abookds and get ideas about how I am supposed to behave.  Maybe it is the drug and alocohol or maybe it is the light ainside the heart when it opens uopp  to dark matter or maybe it is the relation that I have created with the various demons but whatever it is it is alive today and Eddie is out now and he is on the prowl and it is time to take the lives of those who made me and turn them on their ears!!!  Eddie's laughter is the laugher of a bastard son given over to his own revenge fantasy and Eddie's laughter is the laughter of someone who has found a doorway to the execution of his revenge.  THumper was a bunny and Thumper used to be my name when I was involved in the gang.  When I would take acid my left leg would begin to move involutarily and when I would get in a fight I was never afraid to thump them on the head.  I was always thumper to the people who loved and feared me I was never Eddie and I was never any other name underneath.  It is interesting when you wear a name for long enough, a name like Thumper or Eddie, the name begins to become you - if only on special nights.  Give me a little hope and I will give you the keys to the kingdom.  Give me a chance for regular contact and I will give you the stars in the sky and all the gold in heaven.  Give me just one chance and I will lay here on the floor with blood pouring out my eyes covered in the dust of the bones of the skulls who fucked through the night in a fury of explosion of fucking intensity, I am the only one who will ever get the chance to see it for what it is worth.  I am never untold, I am never unseen, I am never anyone other thatn the face staring out at you and me and through the eyes of the millions nad through the yes of a few I am so much bigger than any of you can imagine and the sort of power that I hold is so much more than any of you could ever imagine and maybe it's cute and funny or maybe there is something real and fierce and hungry underneath the funny and maybe that's all there is to it.


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I like the way you operate Eddie.