Sunday, October 4, 2009

Synonyms for Satan

Do your sims know the reason why they were created? It is to worship and honor God and a great place to worship God is online. There will always be someone here to encourage your sims and help them grow in their faith. Digitally confess your sins. Double click on a baby to baptize them. Join the chat sessions for an orgy every Sunday morning at 9. The possibilities are without limits when it is a matter to limit the limitations of simulated life. 


The Impersonator said...

Here's my impression of this blog, "Blah blah, hail Satan, blah blah, cryptic bullshit, blah blah, my blogs so great, blah blah, suck my dick, blah blah."

XianSim said...

Hey Eddie, my Sims are all saved from Hell thanks to your blog! Jesus love you!