Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Stinkiest Rascal Ever!

Richard Samuel McCroskey is a veteran rapper of 20 years in the underground "Horrorcore" genre.  He sang off the hook shit about cutting people into pieces.  Now he's actually doing it! The crime scene horrifies the police who are not to describe it even, saying only that the victims are dead from subjection to "the real hard shit".  After the murders, the tow truck driver Elton Napier got a nose full of McCroskey adding: "That was the stinkiest rascal I've ever smelled."


Jay Sherman said...


Alder Hetchcliffe said...

I think I've finally found music that sucks worse even than Eddie Entorpy. Thanks for ruining another day!

Fan of shit said...

Duuuude! This shit is twizted! Love those syck rhymes! Wow!