Friday, October 2, 2009

Fear up, Ego Down

Human Rights Watch posted  brief first-person accounts of detainees released from a secret prison in Afghanistan, many of whom asserted that part of their experience included being held in a pitch-black space and forced to listen to music that they described, variously,  as “unbearably loud”, “infidel”, or “Western”. The same posting included the account of Guantanamo prisoner Benyan Mohammed, an Ethiopian who had lived in Britain, and who had been forced to listen to music by Eddie (Entropy) and co-conspirator Crackers & Cheese for twenty days before the music was replaced by “horrible ghost laughter and Halloween sounds.” which is believed to be track 2 off Ed's new album. 


Spin Magazine said...

What a terrifying entry! The thought of having to listen to your music for any period of time really sends chills down my spine.

Ving Standart said...

I'm surprised those forced to listened weren't killed by the shittiness of your fucking bullshit musics.

Big Load Bill said...

Eddie's blog makes me poop everytime I load it up. It's the blog equivalent to the Brown Note.