Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Days Off

Even when Eddie thinks he's got a day free to work at home the carrion crawler of bullshit slips in underneath the door and steals his security from him. It is with a tear in his eye that he shrivels into a fetus and shits out the last of his resolve.


Anonymous said...

I have always loved K.F.C. chicken! I have no problem with the price. I think that your problem is to address the staffing issues in so far as cooking the meal for we customers. Too bad that like any chain resturant, the stuff is not always cooked good and not always fresh. I know that the K.F.C. in North Lauderdale Florida at Mc'nab road and Rock island road,Broward county " The food and service suck". Please try harder to hire qualified people, thanks

Work said...

If I had my way I'd keep you slaving away all the time sweetie pie!