Friday, February 13, 2009

Dans"ing" with Eddii (paert deux)

It's almost that time of the week agin my frenids when we let doen our hairs and remoof one pair of pants to replase with the other skim tight black ones!

Ed's Dancing Tips:

1.When dancime in a club it is always best to move your body like a wet noodle while waving both arms above your head and scream ing "WOOOOOHOOOO HOOOO!!!!" very loudly!

2.When applying a gothic kick be sure not to pull a ham out of the string of your pants.


Angry Gothic Bodybuilder said...

I'll give you a gothic kick. Right to your motherfucking skull you dumb fuck!!!!!

dErrick said...

Your gothic kick will never be as powerful as my own!

don't ask don't tell said...

I will punch you into the ground and then I will hug you. I am a complex man.

the radiator lady said...

(in heaven) everything is fine.

(at das bunker) the speaker holds me up

Anthony Hopkins said...

Thanks for the shout out Ed!