Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Night's Party

10:40 is yet ten minutes too late and twenty minutes too early. The first bad sign is if a speaker explodes during suffocated hope. Something is around, is it Friday the 13th? A favor for Rubbers is returned with a confused stiff view, there's no turntable here Bigwig! Soon appears crystal and a very bad rotation, we did not have an exit strategy when we went in. A move sharply then a telephone! Ooops, that is the smell of an old cigarette that drinks light away.

Bill sawed a hole through the door with a chain saw and sprayed the rifle of assault, the couple on the divan are candidate to a posterior bedroom.

Who does William think he is bullshitting? He flips out, saws down the door, riddles the body with bullets, duck tapes her mouth so the dead girl can’t make noise, wraps wire around her neck to make sure she is dead then burns her. The guy is galactically stupid if he thinks anyone will buy that he does not deserve to die.


Jonathan Ponytail-Sleezewit said...

I want to open a bar in Minneapolis that has 1,000 TV sets all of which play the Mentos Scarface commercial non-stop. Would you be interested in partnering with me on this?

Midget said...

Why Billy?

This pictures doesn't even look like you.
This is NOT the Billy I know.
This is not Billy.

Broken Cell Phone said...

I resent your usage of my image. You will hear from my lawyers!

Uneducated Rube said...

What's a divan?

Words of wisdom said...

You should just throw that cellphone away if you're getting text messages like this. Yeesh.

Reset switch said...

Your blog is stupid and depressing. Please just stop.