Monday, February 2, 2009

Realty TV (port 1)

I LOVE TELEBISON! Here's a newst port form my favorite newwsest favrotie Telebison show!!


Scott Roberts Hoffman said...

Eddie your blog made my mother sick, if my mother doesn't survive or get better I'm going to kill you.

DrDemento456 said...

Is this was suppose to come off as a threatening video your effort was in vain. Sure you probably spent a lot of time making it but all it will be is experimental.

What is up with you using a blue filter on some scenes? It's bad enough that the footage was rough and dark but to make it even harder to see angered me and other viewers.

Pretty much a waste of my time, and even though it only clocked in at a two minutes I have seen way more student films with more of an entertainment value. Hell they were even shorter too.

If you say that their will be 2 more please keep them to yourself. I would rather see another episode of "Napkin Folding : How to Fold a Napkin Into a Crown"

Eddie Entropy said...

Hey Dr D! Thanks for taking the time to write in buddy. You can expect a late night visit from from me and my 12 fucking inch hunting knife in the near future you fat basement dwelling fuck. Lol! Fuck you! :)