Thursday, February 5, 2009

Late night in the pseudio!

Hi Guys! It was a late nite last night in the sudio laying down the beats and the vocals for one of my most kiss ass songs off the newest album! The beats were hard and heavy, the vocals sounded like a baby singing from Heaven! There were some minor mixing problems in "Noodle Mixer Pro" for the Turbo Grafx-16 but 12 hours later the problem was solfed and it sounds great you haterz so don't be playa hatin because you know it's gonna be gold!


Phil Collins said...

I'd like to assure the readers of this blog that despite the tags, I will not appear on Eddie's new album.

Stellar Vector said...

Turbo-Grafx16 is terrible music making software, I only use the Sega Dreamcast to make our music! Your a sucker Ed!

Genesis Post PG Fan said...

Well if Phil Collins isn't going to appear you might as well count me out. Thanks for ruining my hopes.