Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Frogs sing the Week!

We are the happy Frogs, and these are the days of the week! We love to sing the songs! Coke it up after the show!

MONDAY is my favorite day, it really is a treat! Every every Monday I hip hop jump up and down on my feet!
Tuesday is Terrific! It really is the best! I shot a ton of heroin and now I need a rest!
Wednesday is quite wonderful! The middle of the week! You wonder why they call it hump day? Of that I cannot speak! ;) ;) ;)

Thoroughly Thursday through and through! I cut off my head today, gave it in a box to you!

Friday fucking Friday, I've burned myself out. I'm depressed and want to die today, I'll do so many drugs today the weekend will be a blur of trash and sex and head splitting music. If I don't die, I guess I'll make it to Monday.


little skippy said...

Aw gee Ed, I love singing frogs!

nick said...

After seeing this I really am in my death throes.

bored by this shit said...

Wow Eddie, your shit's just getting more and more dire.

j.p. pennypinch said...

This is the official president of the Istock photo megacorp. I demand you remove our image of a dancing frog from your site immediately or we will take legal action!

leapfrog said...

We are interested in using this song for a series of educational videos for children and slow adults!

freedom fries said...

Fuck you, you fucking french frog!