Monday, September 27, 2010

Fuck the Democrats!

 THE Demoquacks have tried to fly our America into twin towers of hopelessness and despair. Now they think they will take us in a competition of intelligence with the brains of a dog. This is the time for the good people to say "NOT" with our votes!  We will vote against false president Obama's Socialist Jihad plans and we will vote "Not" to the check devices that the Democrats try to establish in our community organizers.  I think that the future is now and this future is a future where any future man, any future woman or any cyber child are not taken by a conspiracy conducted by Nancy Pelosi and its buddies!  

To beat the program of the liberals seems almost impossible.  It seems there is not enough people that aren't liberal panty wastes.  I think today of how easily to obtain some pot it is and shake my head. Conservatives, look how far we have been set back!

The members here on and the public that reads the wire magazine:  I say bend the TV far.  The programs of TV are possessed by the inspectors and the powerful messages and misleading news on MSNBC are programed in us through the TV.  

If we can all at least - turn the TV out - removing the Pelosi, the matrix of the shrub, and, releasing the time that was spent looking at the TV - perhaps of this some direction at the level of the people will evolve. Or perhaps not.

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a spider crawling on the wall said...

I wish you and your blog would just die.