Sunday, September 5, 2010


there's something that stuck me the last time we talked, that you can't let a cold fish know you are fishing because it will seem fishy, because then it won't have reason to believe you might go fish for it again. i want you to think about this because it's not being loyal or fair to the fishing market. i am wondering why you want to string a cold fish a long rather than give it the chance to find other fish in the sea. is it so you can be with the worms? after a year of fishing and catching a cuttlefish, still keeping it around with hope it won't smell (always telling the other fish it will never happen), how do you feel about that?

i'd like you to think about what you're doing and why. i'm pretty sure there's something fishy going on here. i don't think it's just a fish waiting around to be wrapped in paper. or maybe you don't know how to fish and want the professionals to step in?

all i know is you have to do what's right regardless of your fear of fishing. you can't fish in fear of fishing.

anyway off to fish.......

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2 weeks old said...

Your blog is starting to smell and should be thrown out.