Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lady Cthulu Sings the Blues That Eat The World

I have fallen in love with a dark bitch whose song binds the world and eats the clouds.  I would pay money for her to lay on top of me in spiked heels as she belts out the number one hits that hit the world in the face and keeps hitting.  Maybe there is something that I am missing but I doubt it, I know everything and everything that I know is pouring out of me like light in the darkness.  Come before me and take my hand and let's fuck like tomorrow has no meaning and then you can eat me up like a black widow spider, just remember to spit out the spine or you might get indigestions!     ----->



Bill O'reilly said...

O R'lyeh?

Lady Google said...

Please log in and search my database!

qwertie said...

people are going to start seeing through her - she's raving mad illuminati drone - monstrous