Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This is the dark age of love (best of Sept. 2009 pt. 1)

The experienced girlfriend is not enough after the ful PSE experience! Ed now requires the dp, donkey punch and strawberry shortcake to maintain the ewrecked high! The ladies and gentleman are regarding this new rough age of love with excitement and fear as bodily harm resulting in death during intercoarse is the notorious orgasm high!!!


Oswald (staff historian) said...

September 2009 is a hard month to pick favorites from, clocking in at a massive 121 posts- this was the busiest month ever for www.edentropy.blogspot.com (and perhaps of any blog ever anywhere). However the subject matter of Donkey Punching is one that is near and dear to the heart of Our Eddie as well as your own staff historian so this entry was chosed as a representative classic. Suck on this you motherfudge!!!

Party Pooper said...

You're right Oswald, it's tough to pick the best when there's so much worst.