Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Movie Reviews part 1

Oliver Stone's "Wall Street 2: Jason Lives" is a good movie. The film teaches the viewer that greed is bad. Michale Dougan plays Garry Gecko, a one time card shark turned professional jewel thief. He is in jail at the start of the movie but then they let him out.

 His son, played by child Shia Laboof, wants to make a lot of money. He bets money in a stock market and wins a wife with short hair who cries. An old man who is not his father kills himself. Another old man is there.
At one point Garry Gecko writes a book about the first movie. There is motorsycle chase for clean energy that is lost but then won again. The prize is a new born baby! There is a scene where everything is ok and then some other scenes. Soon the film is over and Eddie is home. In conclusion, "Wallpaper 3: Money Never Sleeps" maybe is even the best movie I have seen. I think you guys should see it too because it is good.


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Roger Epert said...

I rate your review "thumbs down" Eddie!