Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yo Bra!

This girl is soo obsessed with my bff and I because we wear bras.So at baton practice I was in the bathroom with my bff and no one was in there so I wanted to give her a sleepover invatation and Alyssa walked in on us and shes like whats that? and grabbed from my bff Camrie and shes like a sleep over? can I come? and well shes a crybaby and if I said no she would tell her mom and I would get introuble so I tossed her an invatation. Then the night of the sleep over, camrie and I were getting in our pajamas, and alyssa was like, WOW! YOU GUYS WEAR PADDED BRAS?and I was like, whats your deal? and shes like, It's sooo cool!!! and I'm like not really and well Camrie and I went in the bathroom to have a confrence about it and we came in my room and she had my bra on!!! And shes flat chested. She is so OBSESSED! when she went to the bathroom and saw a tampon in the trash can and took it out and ran into my room and said YOU USE THESE? How can I stop her from this weird obbsession?btw i'm 67!


♥< - - -* said...

Tell her that its weird and she needs to stop if she wants to be your friend.and if she tells her mom on you or whatever SHES the one that picked up your USED tampon, and I dont think she'd want her mom knowing that, lol. :]]

Anonymous said...

well dont worry too much she might just be going through a stage where she doesnt really feel comftorable with her self and she sees all the other girls maturing and she is getting like left behind its most likely a stage but if she keeps on doing this talk to ur mom and see