Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Virginity is the Boast Policy (Sex Ed pt. 9)

My name is Eddie. I've traveled long road dating many different people from when I was fourteen up until now. I decided to wait for a long time because I didn't feel as if I was emotionally ready. I would have felt like I had to grow the heck up and I wasn’t ready to lose my childhood innocence. If I had to pass up parties or leave early to protect myself then so be it. I have decided to live my life in this way because I don't want to be like everybody else. I want to be different. Every person that I have talked to about this has all said, "Eddie, I wish I could go back and change what I did. I envy you." 

    As I've said I dated many people and I told them I was a virgin and that I wanted to wait for the right person and if they couldn't handle it then I couldn’t' be with them. All my pussy ass friends always were in shock when they found out I was still a virgin. But that is how I decided to live my life, shit damn it! 

    I went through one fail relationship to the next and so on over the years. I even started dating college students when I was 16 and it's a wonder I stayed a virgin so long sometimes I have to wonder how truly lucky I am as well. But I never fell in love. One day I met this chicken who was a friend who hung out with some people I chilled with and we hit it off as good friends for a long time. After about six months of being close friends she decided to ask me out. Everything was so perfect and went great for a while. We were so in love and always had the perfect time together. 

    I felt like I was truly living a fairy tale. I thought this little chickie was different. She was a bit younger than me at the time I was seventeen and she was two turning three. We had a perfect prom together and moments I will never forget. I got so close to having sex with her because I thought she was the one. But something inside of me held me back. Maybe it was fear or insecurity but if something was holding me back there must have been a good damn reason for it. I had to trust my instincts. We dated for fifteen years with no sex involved. I think she was starting to get the pressure from her friends because they were all like "YOU HAVN'T DONE EDDIE YET, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?" 

    She said she would never leave me and never get bored of me. The little girlie said she would always love me forever and was here until I got bored of her and didn't want her anymore. She told me to trust her and that she was here for me and would never ever hurt me. 

    She left me for a turkey leg. She left me for this big turkey drumstick that is not pretty at all. She dumped me over text messaging after fifteen entire long years! She didn't even have the courage to do it to my face or even on the phone. She blamed me entirely for our fail relationship and that it was all my fault she left me. 

    I came so close to having sex with her. Can you imagine if I would have lost my virginity to that kid? The kind of regret and guilt I would be living with for THE REST OF MY LIFE? I am almost fifty-nine years old and I am still a virgin to this day and you know what? I'M PROUD OF IT.

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