Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When The Whip Comes Down (Sex Ed Pt. 3)

Chaska-based www.edentropy.blogspot.com is a major force in pushing the "diversity" agenda for children, and placing its titles in school libraries. www.edentropy.blogspot.com publishes Eddie Has Two Mommies, Daddy's Roommate and Daddy's Wedding in one of whose illustrations a beaming ten year old boy looks on while his father plants a "wedding" kiss on his homeosexual "spouse."

Another www.edentropy.blogspot.com title, Young, Gay, Proud and Horny for Eddie for "homosexual-identified/Eddie focused" school kids, includes graphic sexual advice on "Doing It Gay with Ed" and repeats the familiar "1 in 10 people regardless of gender want to "do" Eddie" lie.

www.edentropy.blogspot.com also publishes "adult titles" like Macho Sluts in which a woman fantasizes about sadistic sex with her young Eddie, The Lesbian S/M Safety Manual (including advice for "safe" whipping) and The Eddie Almanac which lists CHASKA as a resource "to educate society on the positive nature" of Sex With Eddie.

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