Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fuck the Replubicans!

Republicans have been trying to steal our America and join us in a contest of lizard intelligence and dog brains and it is time for good people like us to say "NO" with our votes!  Let's vote against New World Order and let's vote "No" to the control devices that the Replubicans try to implant into our DNAs.  I think that the future is now and this future is a future where any man, woman or child is not taken away by a conspiracy led by George W. Bush and his cronies!  

Defeating the globalist controllers' NWO agenda seems almost impossible. It seems there are not enough people working on it. I'm thinking today about how to easily get some progress made in involving additional people to work on the task at hand.

Members here on and the public at large who are reading this thread: I say turn the TV off. TV programs are owned by the controllers and powerful messages and misleading information are programmed into us via TV. 

If we could at the very least do that - turn the TV off - removing ourselves from George H.W. Bush's matrix, and, freeing up the time that was spent watching TV - eerhaps from this some leadership at the grassroots level will evolve. 

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