Friday, September 24, 2010

Sex with Ed (Sex Ed pt. 11)

If you have sex with Eddie be prepared to never be satisfied by anything ever again. It's just that good. People all across middle America are raving about his techniques in sexing. 

 Reader Testimonial: The best sex i ever had was with Eddie, there was always that sexual tension between us, even though we where seeing other people and everything. One night I summoned him and we went out to a club, both us where totaly skint so we couldn't get really hammered but we still manged to have a laugh, I walked him home, he lives in this dumpster behind Hardees, so we walk down this filthy alley and the next thing i know we where having sex in the dumpster, it was spare of the moment sex, i found it such a turn on and since then we've been going at it like rats, sex with Eddie is the best i've ever had.
So what's the best sex you've ever had???

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