Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Power of Education in the Bedroom (Sex Ed pt. 10)

The content and presentation of the "sex ed" material we received in high school was so abusive that it resulted in physical violence against the older female teacher of the teachiing team, crying, vomiting, running from the room and receiving a detention, simply ignoring the presentation, laughter and chiming in with language even more profane than that which was used to us (everything except F) and being suspended for it, increased student absenteeism for two weeks, a few school drop outs, and a couple of parents withdrawing their youth and enrolling them in private schools. Parental permission had not been sought; and a few parents had caught wind of the proceedings to come, informed the school that their children were to not be subjected to it, and ignored. In a cafeteria of 500-600 students, chaos exploded. I sat there, stunned and numb and unable to move when I saw and heard the 2-hour presentation.

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