Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SexXxes of the Holy (Sex Ed pt. 2)

I think children should be educated about sex because If a child gets pregnant they will, one, loose their virginity, and two pretty much loose their childhood. Children should have sex Ed classes. I am 14 and I have not lost my virginity. I do not plan on it ANY time soon.  My mom and dad have talked to me about all of the diseases you can get and that you need to use protection. They lost their virginity at the age of twelve!!!!! And got pregnant REALLY young too!! I am ashamed that people would do that!! I am a good child and don't do dirty things or loose my virginity young. But children should always have sex ed. Even if children make fun of them (that is what happens.) I hope when you reAd this you get the point to not have sex young and not get pregnant young (you shouldnt get pregnant if you dont have sex.)Thanks.

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Teen Mom said...

Your advice is not helpful or informative! Please leave the internet forever.