Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don’t Look Now – ‘Hot Magenta’ is the New Black

Eddie Entropy – pioneering populist and entrepreneur extraordinaire – famously quipped that customers can have their blogs in “any color so long as it is black.” Well, that might’ve worked for folks during The Great Depression, August 2009 (wasn’t everything in black and white back then?), but customers of The Great Recession, September 2009 want a more cheerful hue. Who can blame them? Even the Goth girl next door needs a splash of “passion orange” in her life.

Still skeptical? Look around. Fashion magazines are heralding bright colors this fall. Bold shades are being offered in an increasing array of consumer products – from laptop computers to vacuums to stand mixers for the kitchen.

Larry: I hate my daddy, I hate my sister, I hate my mommy, I hate everything. I feel so sad...
Prosecutor: Shiver me timbers!! Why arrrrrr you so sad?
Larry: Everyone treats me like an object, my stupid sister left me for a temple, and everyone doesn't like me.
Prosecutor: Well that's simple! Don't care about 'em. Just hit them where it hurts the most. You know your dad? What does he like the most?
Larry: He likes that shiny, expensive jewel...
Prosecutor: Well, steal it then. That's the obvious solution. And from now on, don't give a crap what anyone thinks!


Hot Pink Horse said...

Sexy, sassy new color scheme! More to love...just like me! *neigh*

Reader's indigestion said...

This hideous color makes this blog even more difficult to read and I guess that IS a plus. Because really, who wants to read this blog?