Sunday, September 6, 2009

We (R) Being Clubbing (part six) (best of Sept 08 pt. 2)

watch these both at once while listening to the top one's music and you'll create your own virtual gothic industrial dance club!!  :)
  i remember taking the amyl nitrate in the bathroom and my brain could turn liquid like the dancing of my mecho-4/4 brilliance.  for one second i lost my inadequacies in the heart of our dance.  lovely zero zero baby dancing alone to youtube and blog bitches?? mine is the heart of why haven't you killed yourself earlier.


Arnold (staff historian) said...

With Eddie's popular "We Be Clubbing" series we saw delve deep into the club culture that Our Eddie himself created! The modes and means of those "club kids" is brought to light within the context of Eddie's insighful eye!

We chose this particular post for the brilliant way in which Eddie "King of the Blogosphere" Entropy lays out the two videos so that you can press play on each of them and, due to the miracle of the internet age, you turly feel transported to the exiting scene of a gothic industrial night club! Let it be said that Eddie is full of innovation!

Zom Zom's Hot Pom Pom said...

Ha ha, this was always one of my favorite Eddie Entropy posts! It was right about when this one dropped that I realized the ture power and glory of this blog!

Sexybob75 said...

The only thing worse than new entries on this blog are old ones. *baaarf*