Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Memoriam (pt tomb) (Best of June 09 pt. 2)

People of Earth. DO not panic. You're king of pop, Hugh Jackman, is not dead. He has been recalled to serve in the entertainment division of the Visidoors massive galactic empire. Please look for him in the night sky as you face the void.


arnold (staff historian) said...

Any netizen of the blogosphere can tell you that Michael Jackson's passing was a prime time media event the size of which hasn't been seen since the series finale of Family Matters. The internet was awash with commentary but it seems that Our Eddie's own words of wisdom regarding pod brother Michael's return to his alien kin were what the nation needed to hear to get them through this difficult time. The comments section logged over 100 comments, proving once again the mainstream recognition of Eddie Entropy's awesome fucking blog!

Latoya Jackson said...

I wanted to express my thanks to Eddie and this blog for delivering one of the most stirring tributes to my late brother online. If my brother, Hugh Jackman, was still alive today he'd be right here by my side reading this mother fucking blog.