Monday, September 14, 2009

Snappy answers to stupid questions (Best of May 09 pt. 2)

What kind of fruitcake locks themself out of the house and throws away the key?

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arnold (staff historian) said...

May 2009 was a historical time on the scene, it was the month that gave us the least amount of blog posts! A mere 18 posts were given to us, the adoring public - compare this to 89 from October 2008. A public outcry might have happened if Eddie hadn't also used the month as his "Branch out" time into other forms of social media.

Was it only the other social networking formats that took it's tole? The world may never know, but his blog did hint that Our Eddie was going through tough times. Giant insects, hideous text messages, aged cougar Madonna and more showed up throughout his blog. We chose this post as best representative for the stages of depression that Eddie may or may not have been going through.